2024 Volkl V.Werks 100 Ski (Limited Edition)

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2024 Volkl V.Werks 100 Ski - Limited Edition

With 100 years of ski-building experience in a single ski, the new V.Werks 100 sets the standards for an all-mountain freerider suitable for touring. It features sensational riding characteristics thanks to its outstanding construction and unique material mix.

Shape: 140-100-122

Rocker: Tip & Tail Rocker

Core: Multilayer Woodcore Light

Base: P-Tex 4504

The two-piece wooden core construction of the 2024 Volkl V.Werks 100 Ski is not only a visual highlight, but also impressively balanced and controlled to ride. The wooden core consists of two completely environmentally friendly, FSC-certified poplar and beech solid wood parts, which are connected via a central side panel. The side bolsters are also connected to the core, creating a 3D structure that can only be produced in this way thanks to the state-of-the-art CNC technology at our main factory in Straubing. The driving experience is noticeably quieter and more pleasant, as disturbing vibrations or shocks are virtually filtered out.

The unique construction of the 2024 Volkl V.Werks 100 Ski, in which the translucent part of the ski actually extends to the binding, is made possible by an ingenious combination of an innovative wood core with matching carbon and natural fibers, which optimally transfer the forces between the boot and the ground to the edge and enable highly dynamic skiing styles.

Base P-Tex 4504:
A sintered, ultra-high molecular polyethylene base with an extremely high density. Besides a great wear resistance and perfect wax absorption the P-Tex 4504 is extremely fast and exclusively used on our top of the line and race models. The material has been upgraded with special additives to make it thermal and electro-conductive and proves its qualities with premium glide and maximum speed in races.

3D.Ridge Carbon:
Central Woodcore Ridge with superslim wings to significantly reduce weight and swing weight and keep the stability where necessary. Combined with Full Carbon Jacket for Stability.

Tip & Tail Rocker:
Character: Bends up only in the shovel and tail zones, with a camber shape in the middle

2024 Volkl V.Werks 100 Ski - Limited Edition

In honor of the company’s 100th anniversary, the engineers at Völkl brought their extensive know-how to bear, while making no compromises in terms of material selection and riding characteristics. The result is a ski that is unique in every respect. The V.Werks 100 has a mid-width of 100 mm, which gives it sufficient lift in soft and deep snow. Its shape offers exceptional maneuverability, while ensuring that it is extremely responsive and yet easy to control. This is typical Völkl performance, but honed even more.

These riding characteristics are particularly exciting when you look at the construction of the 2024 Volkl V.Werks 100 Ski. This is where the Völkl research and development team departs from its usual route, and sets new standards in sustainable ski construction. The 3D milled wooden core is made of 100% FSC certified wood. Both the steel edges and the surface are made from recycled materials, but there has been no compromise on quality or performance. One of its outstanding features is the use of natural, renewable flax fibers, which actually replace carbon. Völkl has developed a system whereby the flax fibers are placed along the force lines of the ski so they perfectly and sustainably affect the dynamics of the ski and the force required, especially in the blade area. The ski’s remarkable look shows that it keeps to its promises.

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  • SKU: VOLK-V2310130
  • Style #: V2310130
  • Season: 2024-2025

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