Dry N' Warm Footwear Dryer and Pre-Warmer

Color:  Black

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Dry N' Warm Ski Boot Heaters / Dry N' Warm Snowboard Boot Heaters

Dry out your soggy boots for tomorrow's bluebird day.  The Happy Feet Dry n' Warm Boot Dryer and Warmer will dry your boots out overnight and make 'em toasty-warm so they're a pleasure to put on.  Ski, snowboard, nordic, wetsuit booties, waders, or just cold, wet boots or shoes -- they'll warm up in under an hour, or dry overnight.  The Dry-n-warm system uses convective heat to thoroughly dry and warm (hence the name) from the inside out -- safely.

Features / Tech:

+ AC 110 volts -- plugs into any wall outlet
+ No moving parts
+ Convective heat dries without risk of heat damage
+ Dries in a few hours, warms in a few minutes

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  • SKU: SPA-64900
  • Style #: 64900

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