Edgie Wedgie - Ski Tip Lock

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Edgie Wedgie — Ski Tip Lock

The Edgie Wedgie offers the ultimate helping hand to beginner skiers. You might be surprised by the huge impact an item this small can have in your skiing success. Helpful for both young learners and adult novice skiers, the Edgie Wedgie ski tip trainer is used to hold skis together.

This simple move can help skiers maintain balance and keep a controlled wedge position. The ski top lock can easily attach to both skis, preventing the tips from crossing over. This function will help reduce the number of falls you experience as you master the craft of skiing. Feel your confidence growing as you give this winter pastime your all, with a helping hand keeping you upright!

The Edgie ski lock 63610 features a number of helpful benefits, including:

  • Easy attachment: Connecting the contraption to ski tips is a simple and straightforward process.
  • A lightweight nature: The ski tip connectors are small enough to fit easily into a pocket without adding significant bulk or weight to your ensemble.
  • A confidence boost: You'll notice a difference in stability and control once the Edgie Wedgie is attached.
  • Adjustable straps: Edgie Wedgie straps can be shortened as needed, creating a versatile tool for skis of all sizes.

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