Stoko Women's K1 Summit Supportive Baselayer Tights

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The Women's Stoko K1 Summit Supportive Baselayer Tight is designed for outdoor adventure seekers. Powered by the Stoko Support System, the Women's K1 Summit Tight empowers you to stay active and get back to activity with support that is proven to help overcome injuries, eliminate pain and give you the confidence to move.

Stoko Supportive Tights

The K1 Summit is the only baselayer with adjustable medical-grade support that's designed specifically to help you get back to activity and stay active. The K1 Summit is best for skiing, snowboarding or colder weather activity.


  • SUPPORT CABLES: 90 feet of high-strength cables hidden in the fabric provide the same support as many medical-grade knee braces.
  • CONTROL DIALS: Two control dials in the waistband allow you to adjust the support in each leg on-the-fly.
  • TARGETED COMPRESSION: Higher power fabric wraps the knee to provide enhanced blood flow and recovery.


  • Medical-Grade Knee Support and Bracing
  • Adjustable Support Dials
  • Targeted Compression
  • Comfortable, thermo-regulating fabric
  • Drop-In Side Pocket
  • Full Length

What to know: They're hard to get on the first time.

This is the only pant you'll ever buy that comes with an instruction manual and this is because our Supportive Apparel is truly one-of-a-kind. We understand that putting them on for the first time can be a bit of a challenge, but worry not! We've got your back with a comprehensive video that will walk you through the essential steps to ensure a flawless fit.

They need to break in.

Your Supportive Tights might feel small at first as they need movement to break them in properly. They are going to mold perfectly to your body, so the more you move, the more the cables will work their magic and mold to your body. Check out our video below, which offers helpful tips like how to adjust the cables as they break in for best fit.


Unlike a traditional brace, your Supportive Apparel will not feel rigid or bulky. The Stoko Support System is intended to feel invisible and engage when you need it. The 90 feet of high strength cables mimic your muscles and ligaments to reinforce your body, while still allowing you to move freely. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything major, that’s the beauty of the design.


Powered by the Stoko Support System, Stoko products offer medical-grade support to the lower body. Integrated directly into the fabric of an athletic tight, support cables, laminations, and control dials work together to help overcome injury, eliminate pain, and give the confidence to get back out there.


  • Stoko products are intended for stabilization and support for the knee, hips and lower back.
  • Stoko Supportive Tights are indicated for knee pain, knee instability, strains and sprains as well as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrom (PFPS).
  • Stoko Supportive Shorts are indicated for lower back and hip pain, pelvic pain and instability, and Sacroiliac pain and dysfunction.
Stoko Testimonials


  • 99% Reported greater knee support
  • 89% Reported less knee pain
  • 80% Reported support in their back and hips


Material Contents

  • 79% Nylon
  • 21% Lycra

Product Care

  • Wash in Provided Wash Bag
  • Wash on Gentle Below 40°C
  • Hang to Dry

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  • Style #: WK1SUMMIT

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